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Capturing the essence of the vineyard in a bottle




Napa Green Certified Winery

Since the first vintage of Crocker & Starr 25 years ago, we've always strived to be good stewards of the land we call home. Being a Napa Certified Green Winery is at the core of Crocker & Starr and we continue to strive to be an industry leader in environmental awareness and winery sustainability. By being certified, we agree to implement more than 120 sustainability standards to aid in all of the following:

  • Save energy and water and increase efficiency
  • Prevent waste through recycling, composting and environmentally preferable purchasing
  • Reduce GHG emissions and the winery‚Äôs carbon footprint
  • Commit to social equity
  • The whole facility is certified from production to administration to hospitality

Sheep in the vineyard

Fish Friendly Farmers

First developed in 1999 for the Russian River Watershed and then adopted in 2002 by the Napa Vintners Association, we're very proud of our efforts and support of the Fish Friendly Farming program in the Napa River watershed. As a member, we implement vineyard and land management practices which focus on making our local river and stream ecosystems as healthy as possible. One of the main focuses is reducing the amount of fine sediment entering creeks and rivers.

Vines in the vineyard

Napa Green Certified Winery     Napa Green Certified Winery     Fish Friendly Farming