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Estate Cabernets - Terroir Trio

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Three Great Cabernets, One Great Estate: A Cabernet lover's dream. Three fantastic representations of our estate in one Crocker & Starr logo box. Each gift box comes with one bottle each of our iconic 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon One Post, the old-vine 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Stone Place sourced from Block 3, and the 2015 Rock Loam Clay Cabernet Sauvignon. Each wine in this gift box represents very different terroirs, all present on the Crocker Estate. 

2016 Stone Place: Stone Place vines are unique in that they span three different Napa Valley soil types due to the gentle slope along which they are planted, which drops five feet from northwest to southeast. The Stone Place block consists of three distinct soils: light loam with small pebbles on the western, or higher side, of the site, a gravel wash in the center, and a finer loam with small pebbles on the eastern side.  Stone Place grapes are therefore picked at multiple times because the distinct soils mean they ripen at different times. The resulting wine is extremely dark, with signature black cherry, violets and cocoa nibs characteristics. 

2016 One Post: Block 1 was planted with the expectation that it would expand Stone Place. The select heritage Cabernet Sauvignon clones, which make up the foundation of One Post, proved their own distinction and begged to be a standalone wine. Planted on the western-most section of the Crocker Estate, these 15 year-old vines are rooted in modest clay, lighter loam and more sand than block 3 Stone Place. The heritage clones are what make One Post so distinct, See, Jenkins, Jackson, and Bosche. Its easy to recognize the unique high tone aromas of hibiscus and huckleberry which become lifted with savory herbs and graphite.

2015 Rock Loam Clay: Named for the variations of rock, loam, and clay soils found throughout the Crocker Estate Vineyard, RLC is the embodiment of Crocker & Starr as a concept. Pam Starr had the idea for RLC when she realized that the vines planted in soils with more clay and pure loam in block 15 and 8 were too unique to be sold to other wineries. RLC is meant to be more approachable in texture and the flavors are classic Napa Cabernet.